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On Pointe Thoroughbreds offers the opportunity to participate as an owner in the exciting world of Thoroughbred racing.  In the past, only the very wealthy were able to participate in “The Sport of Kings”.  The initial costs for an individual to purchase or claim can be a prohibitive expenditure, not to mention the monthly expenses of training, farrier, and veterinarian bills that occur while keeping your Thoroughbred in top racing condition. 

On Pointe Thoroughbreds’s philosophy is one of successful owners spending time & effort:

  • overseeing their investments, 

  • researching the industry, and

  • consulting professionals


As they would with any other speculative high-dollar investment, this unique approach allows its members the opportunity to integrate their personal vision, and to preserve integrity throughout the horseracing industry.

On Pointe Thoroughbreds


Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Jan rode horses as a young girl. She rode a thoroughbred hunter/jumper, and a thoroughbred cross for polo. She loved their speed and athleticism.

Eventually, she drifted away from riding, but the world of horses in general, and thoroughbreds in particular, continued to draw her.


Years later, Jan found herself with two intriguing choices - to complete her pilot's license, or return to horses, Jan chose horse racing.


Initially, she enjoyed being a spectator and owner.  Eventually though, not content with just ownership, and she started to immerse herself in the California horse racing community. She walked hots, and groomed to foreman’s license, all while being employed full time in Acquisitions and Dispositions for a Retail Developer.

Drawn to be more fully involved in the racing world, Jan is currently employed at Temeku Equine in Temecula, CA. 

Jan is looking forward to sharing the exciting world of horse racing with owners and building this horse racing owner group with a deep appreciation for the hard working individuals of horse racing's backside.



On Pointe Thoroughbreds’ model challenges other owners to think not just for profits, but of the health and well-being of the horse and the human.  Our goal is to develop an approach that will allow us to compete immediately for race purses while at the same time retaining the flexibility to properly train our horses so as not to jeopardize their health and wellbeing.

Horses coming soon!

Stay tuned for updates!

Auction appearances!

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