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Los Alamitos - horse racing syndicate venue


Thoroughbred racing is a recent addition to Los Alamitos, only starting in 2014 after the closure of Hollywood Park in the previous year. For more than 60 years, from its opening in 1951, Los Alamitos hosted Quarterhorse racing.  Today, it hosts several of the richest Quarterhorse races in the country.

The track gained fame in 2014, when trainer Art Sherman moved his stables from the closing Hollywood Park to Los Alamitos.  A trainee colt of Art's, California Chrome, went on to win the 2015 Kentucky Derby & Preakness, and Los Alamitos became known as the "Home of the Chrome".

Like most racing venues, the 2020 Los Alamitos schedule was impacted by covid-19, but three meets are being scheduled for 2021, starting in June.

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